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Made in France

Promess - Made with Passion

Sterilized UHT Whole Milk (3.5%)


Fresh whole milk from France is harvested from the fresh prairies of France, where the herds are raised and raised in a natural environment.


France has long been the cradle of the European dairy industry. With an area stretching over many hills and steppes, France has favorable conditions to develop dairy herds.

Lact Group *** is now one of the largest French companies in dairy. As of 2016, Lact *** currently has more than 500 milk harvest points in the regions of Aisne, Marne, Nord, Pas-de-Calais, Somme, Oise, Loiret and Yonne. Dairy factories meet IFS (International Food Standard), Ecocert (Organic Products) and ISO 14001 standards. All dairy products must meet the “Au Fil du Lait” standard by which milk is kept. best quality


Made and boxed in France 


*Refrigerate after opening

French Whole Milk 3.5% - 1 Litres (6 Packs)

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