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Natural Brewed Traditional Soy Sauce Powder

Naturally and slowly fermented and aged for one year without any artificial additives at all, can also be enjoyed by vegetarians This is an additive-free low sodium soy sauce powder which the flavor is concentrated, powdering the whole soybeans soy sauce which has been made for 400 years since the Edo era.

It is slowly fermented and aged as it is for 1 year, used whole soybeans from Fukui prefecture, wheat, salt, rice, and water as ingredients. Enjoy using as salt, pepper, substitute of soy sauce, or as a secret ingredient, and so on. 


室次天然釀造純素醬油粉 原料100% 採用植物天然發酵,熟化一年時間。

不包含人工添加劑 亦是素食主義者享用的絕好調料!

MUROJI Traditional Soy Sauce Powder 天然純素醬油粉

    • Ingredients: Soy sauce, Tapioca

    • Contained: 20 g

    • Weight (incl. packaging): 150 g

    • Place of origin: Japan

    • How to serve: sprinkle on dishes as you prefer

    Cautions:  This is additive-free. The amount of salt per shake is approx. 0.03 g. 


    This is a vegetarian and a halal-certified product.


    How to store: store at room temperature. Avoid high humidity and seal tight. Best consumed immediately after opening.


    • 原料:醬油,木薯

    • 內含量: 20g

    • 重量(含包裝材料):150g

    • 原産國: 日本

    • 食用方法: 根據個人喜好散在食材或料理中享用。

    • 注意事項: 不使用添加劑。含人體必需的20種天然氨基酸。晃動1次可倒出約0.03g鹽分量。



    保存方法: 常溫保存。開封後避開多濕處,擰緊瓶蓋,盡早使用完畢。

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