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Soy sauce powder and stock powder made by “Muroji”, Japan’s oldest soy sauce brewer 

室次黃金醬油粉 (大蒜)  MUROJI Soy Sauce Powder - Garlic 


將自江戶時代起創業400年的傳統圓豆醬油粉末化後,濃縮美味制成的無添加減鹽醬油粉。由日本最老牌醬油屋“室次醬油”生産制作。以福井縣産圓大豆,小麥,鹽,米,水為原料,1年慢慢天然發酵,熟成。可代替鹽,胡椒,醬油,或作為料理底味,根據個人喜好使用。 取得清真食品認證。



原材料名:鯖魚,大豆(日本褔井縣產非基因改造),小麥, 木薯粉, 食鹽 (無人工添加調味料和防腐劑)

出量:0.04公克/回(鹽量約0.01公克/回)醬油 15公克/回相當於約1/300的使用量






This is an additive-free low sodium soy sauce powder "garlic soy sauce flavor" which natural-brewed soy sauce and the flavor of mackerels are concentrated. It is made at the oldest soy sauce store in Japan "Muroji Soy Sauce". This is a healthy seasoning which contains glutamic acid as well as 20 different kinds of amino acid. Also, peptide and taurine to reduce blood pressure, and DHA to improve blood flow are fully contained. Enjoy using as salt, pepper, substitute of soy sauce, a secret ingredient, and so on. 


This is acquired halal certification.


Flavor: Original Ingredients: soy sauce, mackerel, garlic, tapioca

Contained: 20 g Weight (incl. packaging): 150 g

Place of origin: Japan Halal Certified How to serve: sprinkle on dishes as you prefer This is additive-free with 20 different kinds of necessary amino acid. The amount of salt per shake is approx. 0.03 g.

MUROJI Soy Sauce Powder -Garlic 室次黃金醬油粉 (大蒜)

  • How to store: store at room temperature. Avoid high humidity and seal tight.

    Best consumed immediately after opening. 

    Expiry: June 2024



    保存期: 2025年6月


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